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Teal blackout eyelet curtains

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These embellished power outage blinds accompany advanced three-layer innovation, giving a total power outage impact, impeding all upsetting outside lights. Notwithstanding the power outage impact, presently partake in a commotion decrease from occupied roads outside, encountering a preeminent quality agreeable rest.
Size: Offered in seven standard sizes ranging from 46x54 (117 x 137 cm), 46x72 (117 x 183 cm), 66x72 (168 x 183 cm), 66x84 (168 x 213 cm), 66x 90 (168 x 228 cm), 90x90 (228 x 228 cm) to 90x108 (228 x 274 cm).
Material Quality: Quality: 230 G.S.M.