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Frequently Asked Questions is a complete web base advertisement solution designed to help people who live in the major cities in the UK with accommodation, employment and social opportunities. Users can post and find ads on the following categories: Jobs & Careers, Motor Vehicles, Property for Sale, Flat and House Share/Rent, Friends and Dating, Matrimonial, Business & Services, Buy & Sell and Community. Most of the categories are free, and Users who publish a posting on have the certainty to be seen by the large community around the world.

Click 'Post an Ad' button on the top right corner of the screen. Then enter your email address and minimum 6 digit password for the site. Choose the category & sub category and additional category where you want your ad to display, then click on Continue. Just enter your valid postcode; it will automatically display your location. Fill out all of the details of your ad in the posting form (Please be as descriptive as possible including or excluding photographs). Then follow the prompts to submit the ad.  Most of the ads are free; however for some of them you will be redirected to the pay page. After submitting your ad, you will be sent a verification email for the first time user (Please check this email in the Inbox as well as in the Junk folder). Returning Users do not need to verify. After approved the ad by Adslane team you will receive a confirmation email. Keep your email address and password safe to edit, repost or delete your ad in future.

You can use the upload image button at the time of posting form fill up. The system is simple and fast and will really help to add value to your ad.

Simply click the ‘Sign In’ button on the right hand side of the home page and follow the prompts. You will need your email address and Password to get into your ad, and then you can edit, repost or delete your ad completely. If you forgot your password you will find it from posting confirmation email.

YES. You can post an ad in any category, it is absolutely FREE.  While posting your ad on Adslane it will not ask to pay for it. You can Highlight or Priorities your ad by paying money.

We accept major credit and debit cards.

All ads will be posted on our web site for 14 days. However you can delete the ad at anytime. As specified in our terms and conditions we exercise the right to remove your ad from our site without providing you with a refund if we think the ad is inappropriate or offensive.

When filling up the posting form it is mandatory to provide your email address. It is our policy not to display poster’s email address on your advertisement.

No. This is not possible. If you have posted your ad in the wrong category, you should click on the ‘Sign In’ link then go to my previous ads to remove the ad and post freshly.

If you forgot your password you will find it from your posting confirmation email. You should search for the email we sent you after approved and published the ad.

If the telephone number is not shown in the posting, there should be a link ‘Send Email’ at the top right of the posting details. If you click on it you will be directed to a web email form where you can type in your response to the ad, which is then emailed directly to the poster.

You should search for the email we sent you after publishing the ad. If you cannot find it please browse throw the web site and find your posting. The Posting Reference Number is specified at the top left of the page.

When I try to access my existing posting and type in my password I receive an error message saying the password is incorrect, but I know it is correct. Please make sure that you have entered the password without inadvertently including a space along with the correct characters. This can happen if you copy and paste the details from an email, rather than typing the details in individually. Also, please ensure the case of the letter matches the originally entered password.

After two weeks of posting your ad please click on the ‘Sign In’ link, and repost it. This will make it appear in the today's date, and more people will notice it. Always type your contact details (Name & telephone number) correctly. Please click on the ‘Sign In’ link, access your posting and make sure the contact details are correct. Try to post it in the right category. Try to browse the site and if it is not in the correct category delete it and create a new one in the correct category. You can Prioritise or Highlight your ad by Featured Ad category after ‘Sign In’. There is a charge for that.

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