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Stair Tiles - Step Riser Tiles Manufacturer Company in India

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OR Ceramic Tiles, Step Riser Manufacturer Company in India. STEP RISER TILE (Stair Tile) in Morbi is one of the top Tile Dealers and Tiles Company in India. We are suppliers, manufacturers, exporters in Morbi, Bihar, Orissa, Jammu Kashmir, UP, Tamil Nadu, Kolkata, Punjab, Delhi and all over India. Latest stair riser is the near-vertical element in a set of stairs, forming the space between one step and the next Digital Ceramic Vitrified Steps Tiles, Gloss Stair Tile, Wooden Step Riser, Step Riser Tiles at affordable price. Check out our 900MM Step and Riser Tiles, 1000MM Step Riser and 1200MM Step Riser selection for the best and unique Step Riser Tiles Design from our shops or online store.

* Easy to Clean
* Slip Resistance
* Perfectly Finished
* Thickness: 12mm
* Step Weight Per Box: 27KGS
* Riser Weight Per Box: 18KGS
* Manufacturer: Or Ceramic

Call: +91 9913033390
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