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Ceramic Rangoli Carpet Tile - Vitrified Rangoli Tiles Manufacturer in India

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Or Ceramic is the leading tile dealer in all over India. Carpet Rangoli Tiles can be used for the living room, pooja room, varanda and more where you like in home. The speciality of this Rangoli Tile is crystal finish, the picture will be printed on the glass, vitrified tile will cover under the bottom from the best Tiles Manufacturer. Do you want to design your floor like a carpet layer? The best Rangoli choice is to go for a Rangoli Floor Tiles. The size of this tile is 1200 X 1200 Tiles. It is also available in 600 X 600, 1200 X 1800, 4 X 2 Feet. When you go for a carpet. Check out our beautiful collection of Rangoli tiles with 50+ Designs. Buy low price Rangoli Tiles in Mizoram, West Bengal, Tripura, Jammu Kashmir, UP, Tamil Nadu, AP, Bihar, Punjab, Morbi, India offered by Or Ceramic.

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