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The Surestop Stopcock consists of a push-button valve, installed in the water supply pipe as it enters the property and which comes in two variations,one which is simply a switched valve and the other a remote wall mounted switch connected by 2 m of twin bore tubing to the valve providing a more convenient and accessable location of your choice for you to operate the valve. Simply press the switch on the wall or valve to turn the water supply on and off.
WRAS approved. These units are easy to use and are limescale resistant so they will not seize up like the brass stopcock versions. Ideal for the elderly and perfect for fast water isolation in an emergency situation. We supply and fit these at the following fixed rates. Surestop stopcock valve at £140.00 and the Surestop with remote switch location valve at £180.00.Installation fees include the earth cross bonding kit necessary to maintain the properties equipotential bonding system.To arrange a fitting appointment simply contact Edwards Plumbing Services by telephone 020 8671 3677 or email us at We look forward to being of assistance.